IN RED photo series
The first months of living in Taiwan, I was the audience of plays happening around me.

When does something become a stage?
What roles do the actors play and what theatrical features can I find in my pictures?

By taking a step back I create distance between me and the situation. I'm not commenting or trying to capture the greatness. I'm trying the capture the scenes as they appear to me.

We can look into a house. A women stares into the distance while a man is sitting at the table, bending over something. Then suddenly, a women in a separate space passes and looks
at me. She breaks the fourth wall. The three actors are framed together, but stay in separate spaces.

By looking at me, the girl breaks the fourth wall and creates a moment of stillness in the chaos of different colors, in the light of the night market.

Floor Hofman 
Eindhoven, The Netherlands / Taipei, Taiwan