IDK MAGAZINE Social research magazine
A magazine showing our research on the neighborhood of Strijp-S as a transforming space. Strijp-S is situated in Eindhoven, BrainPort of the Netherlands in which the coming and going of people is one of its only constant.

We look at various forms that this transformation takes. From an anecdote about the demolishing of one of the biggest skate parks in Europe to the introduction of our fictional studio COO COO’s line of products that allow people to take their home with them. We will get to explore the means and ways in which people attempt to comprehend this notion of change, as our exhibition 'Liminal Spaces' will also be reviewed. With nine students from Design Academy Eindhoven, at Eindhoven’s Witte Dame Zaal, it will showcase works about how individuals cope with transmitting between spaces in a city of who’s landscape is constantly changing.

In collaboration with Jade Chan and Teresa Berger

Floor Hofman 
Eindhoven, The Netherlands / Taipei, Taiwan