A subculture research 
The traveling fun fair in 2015 is having a hard time. Workers worry about the decreasing amount of visitors and the increasing prices of fuel, electricity and rent. Despite all these worries, people work with a lot of sophistication. During the ‘fun fair season’ the workers make a lot of hours. They often travel to the next place during the night, to open their stand in the morning again and help their visitors with kindness.

I was also welcomed friendly by most of the workers during my research. For two months, I have been visiting fun fairs every week. Looking for stories that could give me a little insight in the life of people that work at fun fairs.

I talked to exploiters, (international) personnel and visitors of the fun fairs and ate a candyfloss every now and then. The culture around the fun fairs is a special culture with it’s own habits, values and an own language. Exploiters are proud on their stands and determined to sustain their culture.

Floor Hofman 
Eindhoven, The Netherlands / Taipei, Taiwan