Behind the Backdrop

Documentary 25 min, 2017
In the Taiwanese capital of Taipei a growing number of stores are specialised in weddings and pre-ceremony photographs. The country has changed rapidly in the past 50 years and the stores reflect the force of globalization at work. Young people are taking western visuals and symbolism to heart, replacing the Taiwanese traditions of previous generations. Fascinated by this shift and the resulting tension between home-grown values and modern aspirations, Floor Hofman follows three couples and their romantic ideals in her documentary Behind the Backdrop. How do their dreams conflict with their parents’ wishes? Can the contrast between their personal expectations and those of their parents be bridged?

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This documentary was screened during Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (2017), in the exhibition ‘Pinky Swear’ in Taichung (2020), and at CinemAsia On Tour Eindhoven (2018) during a special evening called ‘Love Talk’ co-hosted by Oranje Express 荷事生非. During this event, the screening of Behind the b=Backdrop was followed by by a panel talk about weddings, marriage and love in Taiwan and in the Netherlands.

“This love talk continues the subject of romantic ideals which is raised in the documentary Behind the Backdrop and expands it to the explorations of the imaginations, rituals, and understandings we have for love relationships. By using the case of wedding photography, the discussant will share her observations on how love has become a subject of commodification, and the imaginations we subscribe to these love commodities. A follow-up panel discussion with the documentary director invites the audience to wonder the changing and possibly conflicting aspects of contemporary love relationships. Why does it sometimes feel that one’s love is caught in between different ideals and imaginations? What are the ideals of romance in our times? How do they differ by groups and how they change across time?”

Photo’s of ‘Love Talk’ 

Photos by Willie Wong 

Behind the Backdrop at the exhibition Pinky Swear at Everspring Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan  

Floor Hofman 
Eindhoven, The Netherlands / Taipei, Taiwan