Basic Income Cafe

Portrait of the project Basic Income Cafe

Commisioned by Martina Huynh, 5 minutes,2019

Basic Income Café is an interactive experience and discussion piece on basic income.Central to the project is the interactive installation Basic Income Café by Martina Huynh, where coffee is used to visualize the cash flow in two alternative economies. As a visitor, you get a free cup of coffee as your ‘basic income’ while playfully experiencing the tax flow and where your basic income coffee came from. The coffee metaphor is used as an accessible context to provide insight into a complex concept and to enter into conversations about work and income. 

Once a week Basic Income Café transforms into a WaardeCafe (ValueCafé), where visitors are invited to step in the shoes of homeless youngsters under the guide of social designer Manon van Hoeckel.

Film still

Floor Hofman
Maastricht and Eindhoven, The Netherlands / Taipei and Tainan, Taiwan