About Happiness

Documentary, 9 min, 2016
I’m happy I met Mina and Adriana
They are happy they met each other
I’m happy I could film that

Adriana and Mina both live in the district 'De Coevering' in Geldrop. Their lives are intertwined, but they have never heard of each other. This film is their first encounter.

In 2016, an Eindhoven housing cooperative was struggling with hate letters sent from the de Coevering neighborhood in Geldrop. Residents were angry because they suspected that status holders were given priority for placements in social housing in the neighborhood. I went into the neighborhood to better understand the dynamics. There I met Adriana from Columbia and Mina from Iran. Both organized moments when women from all kinds of backgrounds came together to reflect on their feelings, give each other tips, or have tea together. They both fulfilled a role of ‘mother of the neighborhood’, but did not know each other. I initiated a meeting where they got to know each other.

About Happiness was made during a class from Annemarie van den Berg at Design Academy Eindhoven in the department of Man and Media

Floor Hofman
Maastricht and Eindhoven, The Netherlands / Taipei and Tainan, Taiwan